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Watercolor, guache and color pencil on paper. 11x14 inches, 2023.

Matilija Poppy and Oyster Shell

  • In "My Chumash Ancestral Legacy," Chumash descendant Julie Tumamait-Stenslie describes, 

    "We grew up hearing about Chief Matilija and his group of warriors who tried to fight off the ever-present armies. In the myth, the story goes on to tell of Chief Matilija's daughter, Amatil, who was very much in love with the handsome warrior, Cocopah. Tragically, he was killed in the final battle. Amatil's love was so deep and so pure that she she laid upon her lover and there she died. What remained of that love was a beautiful flower with pure white petals symbolizing their love and a yellow center to represent the everlasting brilliance of their love. We know this flower as the Matilija Poppy."


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