Beeswax with gold textile and metallic gold. This piece contains beeswax, white pigment, gold metal leaf and metallic gold and silver textile fringe. It is 30x40 inches on a wood panel 1 and 3/4 inches deep, made in 2022. Signed and wired for hanging. 

*This piece has a textile element that hangs off the bottom approximately 5 inches making the overall length approximately 45 inches.


  • What is encaustic? How are these paintings made?
    Encaustic is painting with melted beeswax; there is no canvas or gesso and there are no acrylic materials involved. The beeswax is melted, pigment is mixed in and this mixture is fused to a wood panel with heat. 

    Will it melt?
    No. Beeswax melts at 160 degrees F. Encaustic paintings should never be hung in direct sunlight or left in a very hot car; this is common sense for storing and hanging any fine art piece. Always hang on a hook to prevent falling and chipping or breaking.

    Will it last?
    Definitely! There are encaustic paintings created by the ancient Romans still around. Chipping on the edges is a risk, see below.

    How do you clean it and take care of it?
    Dust can be wiped off with a soft cloth. The edges of the encaustic paintings can be fragile, be sure to wrap with tissue paper first then bubble wrap and a rigid box when transporting. Always hang on a hook to prevent falling and breaking.