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Nayarit, Mexico, 2022

I spent one month in a self-directed artist residency in Lo De Marcos, a small town in Nayarit, Mexico. This area is near where my mother's side of the family is from. I was close to my grandfather who grew up near here in the 1930's. I didn't bring any art supplies, everything was found or purchased at the local grocery store. I used found paper, coffee, ink, tree bark, wrapping paper, stickers, confetti, poster and acrylic paint and other materials. I wanted to know what it was like for my grandfather when he lived here, what plants he saw, what flavors he tasted and smells he experienced. I hiked and toured some native botanical gardens. I took photographs and I drew the plants. 

Local Language, Oakland CA, 2019

For this two month artist in residence program I collaborated with Local Language, an art fabrication studio and gallery in downtown Oakland. I created a series of encaustic paintings on wood panel featuring photos I took of California bodies of water. I collaborated with the Local Language team to print my photos directly on top of a variety of materials including metal leaf and beeswax. This series was an exploration of place and materials, of collaboration with technology and the mythology of California oceans and rivers. 

 The Parador, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2021
For this month long residency I drew upon elements of the plants, earth and architecture of the area for my inspiration. The residency took place at the Parador in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a small hotel, gallery and artist in residence program. The materials I used are beeswax, oil paint, metal leaf, drawing, carving and earth I collected from nearby sites. I made oil and encaustic paints with earth as well as resin and plants I collected in the countryside. 
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