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Lisa Ostapinski is a painter and art educator based in Oakland, CA.  She works with unusual materials and processes including metal leaf gilding, encaustic painting (beeswax), sgraffito and oil paint marbling.  Her work juxtaposes archaic media with modern forms producing a fresh, contemporary take on these art historical techniques.  Lisa’s imagery pulls from a diverse array of sources including textile and jewelry design, architecture, modern painting, the natural world, scientific illustration, religious painting and spiritual symbolism.  She chooses lustrous, visually rich materials such as gold leaf and beeswax for their natural beauty as well as their historical use in European religious painting to evoke the divine.  Lisa’s work is an exploration of the potential for abstract forms and luminous materials to communicate ideas about the spiritual realm.

Exhibitions, Current and Upcoming

December 2023 Illumination: The Sacred Aspect of Light, Electra Gallery, New Mexico

December 2023 Hardly Strictly Mini, Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA

July 2021- Ongoing Belljar, Los Angeles, CA

July 2021- Ongoing Moonastar, Topanga Canyon, CA

Selected Exhibitions, Past
September 2023 - Tama One, Olema, CA

September 12 2022- December 2022 Vintage Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

October 16th- December 2021 Tint Gallery, San Francisco, CA

July 15 - September 2021 The Parador, Santa Fe, New Mexico

November-January 2020 Edo, San Francisco, CA

September 2019 Local Language Gallery, Oakland CA

August 2019 Morningtide, Albany CA


March-August  2019 Botanic and Lux, Santa Cruz CA

October-August 2019 Midnight Kin, Placerville, CA

August-August 2019 Moonastar, Topanga Canyon, CA

November-August 2019  BellJar, Los Angeles, CA

October-December 2018 Rarebird, Oakland, CA

August-September 2018 Namaste Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

August 11- October 11 2018 Oxtail Gallery, Berkeley, CA

June-September 2018   Kitkitdizzi, Nevada City, CA

March-June 2018   Neeko, Berkeley, CA

February-May 2018  Anna Ray Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT


November-Jan 2017/2018  Erica Tanov, Berkeley and San Rafael CA

October-December 2017 Dandelion Post, Oakland CA

August-October 2017   Virago Gallery, Seattle, WA

Summer-Fall 2017   Oxtail Gallery, Berkeley, CA

June-August 2017   Onyx, San Francisco, CA

June-August 2017   Shipwrecked, Portland, OR

March-April 2017     Crimson Horticultural Rarities, Oakland, CA


January 2017               Edo Salon and Gallery, San Francisco, CA

September 2016          Ver Unica, San Francisco, CA

July 2016                     Resurrect, Oakland, CA


June 2016                   Wild Child, Oakland, CA

February 2009             Freak Of Nature, Co-curated with Gabriel Scott

                                    111 Minna, SF, CA


September 2006         Supernatural

                                    21 Grand, Oakland, CA


August 2006               Not From This World, with Ezra Eismont

                                    Inferno Gallery, Oakland, CA


July 2006                   Community Virology

                                    Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA


May 2006                   Weird Science, solo exhibition

                                    Mama Buzz, Oakland, CA


February 2006          Collect: Inside 8/3

                                    Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM


January 2006           People, Places and Things

                                    R and F Gallery, Kingston, NY


October 2005           Botanica

                                    Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA


October 2005           “4-Thought”

                                    Contract Design Center, San Francisco, CA


August 2005              New Visions: Introductions 2005

                                     Pro Arts, Oakland, CA


December 2004      Gingerbread House

                                    Build Gallery, San Francisco, CA


August 2004             Kaufman Gallery

                                    Gloucester, MA


June 2003                 The Whole Ball of Wax

                                    Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL


February, 2003         Paxton Gate, San Francisco, CA


1998                           Bachelor of Arts, Mills College, Oakland, CA


2010                           Master of Art and Art Education, The Teachers College, Columbia University, NY




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